Liberalism is a Sin

Sarda y Salvany, Fr. Felix

"The monster of our times," "the evil of all evils," "a deadly heresy," "a living lion going about seeking whom he may devour."

What is? Who? I hear you say. No, not Ranting Ron on a day trip to Hyde Park Corner. No! These words, and many more appear in a book published over 100 years ago (older than the editor of Final Conflict and his cat put together) by a Spanish priest. It certainly got the liberals hopping mad then, to the extent that the author was condemned by his own, (liberal), Bishop. Although essentially a Catholic book, (as one would expect) it's analysis of Liberalism is so spot on that every true Nationalist can learn from it.

It's short, easy to read chapters cover: what liberalism is; how people become liberals; how not to and how best to bash them. Basically, to sum it up in my own words, its message is: no compromise, no concessions, stand firm and defend the truth, even if greatly outnumbered. Arm yourself with the right weapons and stick the boot in. Better to notch your axe in battle with pink triangle orcs and their like than be no better than them by doing nothing.

For the average Nationalist, it's well worth reading. You will have a better knowledge of the enemy. For others who might think it's out of date, and that you couldn't find a priest talking like that today, the following quote comes from one:

"Do not believe in Wall Street. Do not believe in Washington D.C., nor in the Houses of Parliament in London. Do not believe in the dollar. Do not believe in pension funds. Do not believe in democracy, nor in the Constitution, nor in the British Monarchy. Do not believe in any of the works of modern man. He is a poor and accursed creature, by his own choice. He has built on sand, and his sand-castles are on the brink of collapsing."

If you don't feel inspired to read this book; get it anyway. We all know whinging liberals who are Catholic. Lend them a copy. If it doesn't shut them up it will get them screaming.

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