Soviet Evidence at Katyn - Document USSR-54 at Nuremburg

This booklet will be of interest to a great many people. This is the evidence the Soviets gave, at Nuremburg, to prove the "German fascist invaders" murdered circa. 15,000 Polish PoWs at Katyn. In 1989, the Soviet government admitted that it was the Red Army that murdered the Poles, not the Germans.

As such, this 'report' is pure lies, half truths and fabrication. This was accepted on the 14th February 1946 at Nuremburg by the illustrious allies as evidence of war crimes. How many other reports were equally as dubious remains to be seen...

Soviet Evidence... costs 3.60 inc. postage, from:
The Heretical Press, PO Box 1004, Hull, Yorkshire, HU3 2YT.

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