Forged War Crimes Malign the German Nation

Walendy, Udo

This handy little 80 page booklet blows the lid off some terrible photographic forgeries. Paintings, montages - they're all here! It makes you wonder, what sort of twisted minds could put "photos" like this together. Interestingly, many of them saw the light long after WW2 - when, if they were originals, they would have been published straight away as excellent war propaganda. You'll also read about Soviet atrocities in the Ukraine blamed on the Germans thanks to a forged photo (echoes of Katyn!). A bit harrowing for some maybe- but worth fighting through to give you an idea of what our enemies are capable of.

Forged War Crimes... costs 6.66 inc. postage, from:
The Heretical Press, PO Box 1004, Hull, Yorkshire, HU3 2YT.

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