Attempted Murder - The State/Reactionary Plot Against the NF

Published by the National Front in 1986, this booklet tells the tale of the '85/'86 "split" which created The Flag NF and Political Soldier NF. On re-reading the booklet for the first time in well over 10 years, it struck me how obvious State involvement in "the split" was, even looking at the whole affair 'from a distance'.

That's not to say all Flag people were paid up informers - but the leading lights definitely seemed keen on wrecking things. The lesson of the whole messy affair - I suppose that's what happens when you get "reactionary" types and "revolutionary" types all together. Tories and Radicals never mix well.

The gem of the booklet? How about this: "Shortly before the abolition of the Ulster Assembly, Billy Bleakes, the unusually radical Official Unionist Assemblyman for South Antrim, told the Assembly that he had evidence that the National Front had been infiltrated by MI5 and that a senior official of the party working for the State had visited Ulster some time before, staying in a hotel or guest-house in South Belfast. The only NF official who had at the time stayed in such accommodation was [Ian] Anderson." (A.M. page 56).

Or what about journalist David Rose, who in a response to the Press Council (reprinted A.M. pages 11 & 12), admitted that in 1985 he had two full day meetings with someone from "the highest level" of the NF and Gerry Gable of Searchlight magazine. Information published by Gable in The Guardian was only known by a tiny handful of people in the NF. The authors conclude that the informant must have been Ian Anderson.

Many people who were in The Flag NF after '86 will today tell you that Anderson is a scumbag. Maybe he's State. Maybe he's just a thief. Who knows... but the evidence in this booklet points most definitely to the former. He is now head of the proto-Tory National Democrats. The booklet is probably quite hard to get a hold of, but Legion Tapes do sell it as a double cassette set for 5. It's worth getting, even though it's full of 'NF this' and 'NF that' which is a bit dated, just for background info. and for an insight on how the State can operate - even against 'legal political parties' if it sees them as a real danger.

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