Many Shades of Black - Inside Britain's Far-Right

Bean, John

This book amounts to the autobiography of John Bean. It starts with his early life, which I found fascinating. The blitz years, travelling to India after WW2 and so on. The author does a good job and its a shame the 'story' seems to end somewhat with his political years. Of course you get the ins and outs of the 1960s New Labour Party, British National Party and later the fledgling National Front, but you lose some of the more 'personal' side of the author.

Some of the highlights of the book are as follows: "Choose your people with care. Give the crooks and the maniacs a wide berth. Quality in this movement is immeasurably more important than quantity" - AK Chesteron to the author in 1955. Around the same time the Daily Sketch published figures showing that 98% wanted restrictions on immigration - with 80% wanting it stopped completely!

The book also shows various aspects of the Nationalist movement - mostly in the 1960s and 70s - which young Nationalists today may have little knowledge of.

Rosine de Bounvialle - until she recently passed away, the octogenarian editor of Candour newsletter - is giving several kind mentions - including some great League of Empire Loyalist stunts, including the disruption of the 1957 Tory Party Conference in Brighton. Readers wanting further info, photos, press cuttings etc. should write off for back issues of Candour.

An incident which few people will be aware of is the murder of a young Nationalist - Anthony Donnelly who was repeatedly stabbed by three West Indians in Hackney, East London, in 1981. Donnelly was an activist from the NF Constitutional Movement - one of the splits from the National Front.

John Bean remains an unrepentant Nationalist. Of course readers will have different views of him as he takes a "populist" line and opposes revisionism. In some ways the author is quite close to the Third Positionist ideal. For example, the author recalls an article he wrote in Combat in 1963 supporting Black separatists like Muhammed Ali in America. Whilst this may seem quite normal today, over 35 years ago this was quite new! He is also resolutely opposed to the globalism of Capitalism and the tyranny of Communism.

However, the author regards the 'Jewish question' with disdain. Whilst we would agree with him, for example, that funny uniforms and marches for the sake of it (he refers to it as 'coat trailing') are counter productive to Nationalism - we cannot afford not to mention certain truths as regards International Zionism. True, there are many money-grabbing gentiles at fault too, but when it comes to the power behind world politics, Freemasonry, it is a known fact that it is primarily Jewish by design.

That is not to say that every supporter should have this rammed down their throats, but we should not fear to mention such things. Anyone can study history and find out these facts for themselves.

Another aspect of the book - harking back to AK Chesterton's words - is that the Nationalist cause attracted many good and loyal people; but it also attracted what Bean refers to as "social misfits and psychopaths" which did the cause no good at all. The author also refers to homosexuals in a couple of places in the book - from Mosley's Union Movement to the NF. For example, three "Nationalists" who unfurled a pink 'Fairies for Fascism' banner at a rally after the law was changed to allow buggery in private for the over-21s. He also makes it clear that Martin Webster's homosexuality was well known in the late 1960s - yet he was still allowed to run the NF for most of the 1970s! The fact that an article from Webster appeared in #197 of 'British Nationalist' (Oct/Nov 1998) shows that people have not learnt the lessons!

The book is highly recommended, if only because it is Nationalist history told by a Nationalist. No doubt some people around in those days may have a different angle on events, but better this book than a load of rubbish from a Lefty (or dare we say Zionist?) hack with a reason to knock Nationalism.

Many Shades of Black is available for 8.95, plus postage, from: John Bean, PO Box 97, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8WT, England.


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