Stalin (and the Shaping of the Soviet Union)

Jonge, Alex de

This book is a must read for all Nationalists! What becomes clear in this book is the Machiavellian nature of the Bolsheviks. Don't let the Reds (especially Trotskyists like the SWP) fool you that Stalin was a monster but Lenin and Trotsky were 'good guys'. The misery of collectivisation were as much the babies of the latter two as Stalin. And what miseries!

The author informs of widespread famine, which included cannibalism. In the Ukraine there were three terrible famines. In the 1920s, the much reported one of 1933 when millions died, and one after WW2 when collectivism was reinforced on the fiercely patriotic Ukrainians. There were more uprisings against the Reds right across their 'USSR' than I care to remember - and small wonder when people starved and Red grain stores were full of confiscated foodstuffs, but under armed guard.

Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and all the Reds saw the independent peasants as the enemies of the workers in their factories working for the State - hence their desire to trundle them off to factories or have them work for the State on collective farms.

The stripping of the people of all land, independence and property is equalled only by the enclosures, industrial revolution and rented-slum/factory shop atmosphere of Capitalism.

Indeed, there is little doubt that the Communists and Capitalists have equal disdain for the people, treating them as cogs in a machine, necessarily sacrificed for profits or for Marxian experimentation.

Much is made of Stalin's anti-semitism in the book (and by idiotic 'National Bolsheviks' around the world). What's clear is that the Bolsheviks were heavily Jewish and Stalin had Jews around him for many years, right until the end. That he had some killed, or put in camps merely shows he liked to keep everyone on their toes. He killed many Communists, so why not Jewish Communists too? There were enough of them! As with Stalin's "Patriotic War" (WW2) he was merely a statesman who knew how to terrorise people and play with their emotions, affections etc. His "anti-semitism" is overblown in the interests of modern Zionists.

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