Memoir of a Fascist Childhood

Grundy, Trevor

I picked this hardback book up for a fraction of the price in a bargain bookshop just one year after it was released, so I thought it might not amount to much. Indeed, the book amounts to one big whinge by the author against his parents and the Union Movement. He finds out his mum - who used to call 'Perish Judah' to him, give the fascist salute and have a signed photo of Mosley was in fact a Jewess. His dad comes through it all relatively unscathed. Grundy takes great delight in reporting on the misfits around Mosley - the homosexuals, the Welsh (here - watch it!), the Hitler worshipper who commits suicide in the Rhine... but you feel so much is missing. What about the working class 'Salt of the Earth' East Enders?

The book really does no more than show human frailties. And for someone who moved so quickly from being a 'Youth Leader' to becoming an ultra-liberal, you expect (and get) a lot of sour grapes.

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