Rising - A Booklet for the Political Soldier

This is the first time the complete Rising series has been republished in its entirety. This top quality printed booklet contains the texts from the original 5 magazines first published in the early 1980s.

An excellent booklet for old hands and younger Nationalists too! This will remind you exactly why radical Nationalism exists, what we're fighting for and why concession, compromise and liberalism are never acceptable.

The editors themselves admit that not everything was perfect in Rising, but when you consider the background to Rising (first published in 1981) this is hot stuff and it still rings true today!

One thing that I disagreed with was the total embrace of feudalism. I think if written today the call to Ruralism would be just as strong, and the lessons of the Guilds would be given more prominence; but a Distributism, rather than feudalism, with its centralisation and tenants, would be the aim.

But that's one small point amongst countless others which are spot on. Culture, Banking, Ruralism, Race, Folk Community, Blood and Soil, Art, the Political Soldier: read and remember why we fight!

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