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Note : The news from thirty years ago has an archive below

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September 1974

As appeared in Rothman's Football Yearbook 1975-76 (6th year) :

The Queen Anne Press, London 1975


1 The Manchester U. players organize a gett-together with the younger fans at Old Trafford to discuss how to combat hooliganism. Willie Morgan says, 'We, the players, are sick to death of listening to the complaints about a small section of our so-called supporters. We do not need these villains—they should go somewhere else.The club's good name shouldn't be jeopardized.'... Bill Nicholsott has a long meeting with Johnny Giles and asks him to apply for the manager's job at . Tottenham.

2 Giles says that he'll talk over his future with Brian Clough, his boss at Leeds.

3 Danny Blanchflower and Terry Neill are the latest fancied candidates for the Spurs job ... Keith Weller, the Leicester skipper, has been ordered by the FA to face a charge of bringing the game into disrepute. Weller is alleged to have made insulting remarks to the referee after the Leicester v Liverpool game on August 24. Ref. Trevor Spencer awarded two penalties—both converted by Alec Lindsay—to Liverpool during the match... West Ham sign Bill Joinings, the 22-year-old Watford striker, for 110,000 ... Ron Harrison, former chairman of Walsall, offers to give evidence that several players demanded under-the-counter payments during his stay at the Third Division club.

4 Brighton & Hove Albion issue a writ against former manager Brian Clough and Leeds. They claim that Clough broke his contract and that Leeds enticed him to do so. According to the Brighton chairman, Leeds promised to pay 75,000 compensation for Clough and agreed to play a friendly match at the seaside town. Manny Cussins, the Leeds chairman, denies the allegations, saying that Clough has applied for the job... Poor start for the Home Countries in the European Championship—N. Ireland are beaten 2-1 in Oslo by Norway, and Wales lose against Austria in Vienna by the same score ... West Ham sign Keith Robson, the Newcastle striker, for 45,000.

5 An end to the League Cup marathon between Brighton and Reading. After 420 minutes football, Reading go into Round 2—3-2 winners of the 3rd replay.

6 Portsmouth 'suspend' manager John Mortimore—the ex-Chelsea player is offered the job of scouting for the club. Ron Tindall takes over until a new manager is appointed. Chairman John Deacon, who put a lot of money into the club, says, 'We feel that we must get a great manager to get a proper return for our investment. I was very depressed last season when I read phrases like "the straw man of Pompey".' ... The Commission on Industrial Relations makes its final report on professional football. The main recommendations: 1. Freedom for players at the end of contracts. 2. Legal representation at disciplinary hearings with the admission of TV evidence. 3. Professional Footballers' Association to represent players during contract negotiations with clubs. 4. PFA to be represented on all committees, Football Association and League, altering the structure or form of competition and major policy in the game... Cardiff announce tough measures against hooliganism— children under 17 won't be allowed into Ninian Park unless they are accompanied by an adult or have a valid 'passport' issued by the club.

7 A day of high winds and low attendances ... Liverpool are the only unbeaten club in Division One, but Manchester, U. lose their 100% record in Division Two by drawing with Nottingham F. at Old Trafford.

9 Aldershot are fined 200 and have one point deducted by the Football League for playing an unregistered player, John Sainty, against Hereford on August 17.

10 Bobby Charlton scores in Preston's 2-0 League Cup win over Sunderland... Sir Alf Ramsey refuses an offer to manage Portsmouth, saying that he is not ready yet to come back into the game.

11 Terry Neill is the new manager of Tottenham. Hull give permission to Spurs to approach him and he is appointed for a five-year period. Neill says that he'll take his assistant Wilf Dixon with him, and will relinquish his job as team manager of Northern Ireland. Earlier, Tottenham suffer a crushing home defeat in the League Cup v Middlesbrough—0-4... The shock result of the night—Crewe 2, Birmingham 1.

12 The two Manchester teams are paired in the Third Round draw of the League Cup... Neill indicates that he wishes to run Tottenham on his own. 'I admire Bill Nicholson, but I am my own man.'... Terry 'Mancini, 31, is on the transfer...". list, because manager Jago cannot guarantee a first-team place for him...
According to a Daily Mail report, the Leeds players have given a vote of .'no-confidence' to their manager Brian Clough. At first, Chairman Manny Cussins denies that such a meeting has taken place, but later it is announced that Clough s has been sacked.

13 It transpires that the Leeds chairman had a four-hour meeting with Brian Clough and his solicitor before the agreement regarding compensation was reached. Mr Cussins explains the sacking of the man he himself considered 'an ideal manager for Leeds' a mere seven weeks ago: 'What has been dorie is for the good of the club. The club and the happiness of the players must come first. Nothing can be successful unless the staff is happy'. Clough says, 'I think it is a very sad day for Leeds and for football'. The Press comments agree with him, and the headlines talk about 'cowardice' and 'player-power'. David Miller writes in the Daily Express: 'This disgraceful affair now more than ever raises the question—who is running professional football—the managers or the players? ... Hugh Curran joins Bolton from Oxford for a 50,000 fee ... Colin Harvey (Everton) goes to Sheffield W. for 7000 ... Portsmouth appoint lan St. John as manager. They will pay some compensation to his present club, Motherwell... Jimmy Gordon, who has been Clough's assistant at Leeds, is also leaving the Yorkshire club.

14 In an official statement, the Leeds players refute allegations of 'player-power'. 'We gave the same support to Mr Clough as we did to Don Revie'. Meantime, assistant manager Maurice Lindley, chief coach Syd Owen, and skipper (suspended!) Billy Bremner, pick the squad for today's match at Burnley. The three Clough signings—McKenzie, McGovern, O'Hare—are not in the party ... Terry Venables leaves QPR. In an exchange-plus-cash deal he joins Crystal Palace, together with young central defender lan Evans. Don Rogers goes in exchange to Loftus Road ... Harold Shepherdson will not be asked to assist Don Revie with the England team. 'Shep' has been on the bench 169 times, his first assignment was in 1957!... Another 'rowdy' day in the Football League—on and off the field. A trainload of Portsmouth fans are arrested at Southampton Station, there are fights in Birmingham (WBA v Manchester U.) and at Stamford Bridge where the Arsenal are the visitors. Liverpool lose at Maine Road to Manchester C., and Ipswich are on top of Division One. Leeds are beaten at Burnley—McQueen of Leeds and Hankin of Burnley aresent off... MelBlyth joins Southampton from Crystal Palace for 60,000.

16 Chelsea will fine any player booked for dissent 25. Chairman Brian Mears says, 'Any player cautioned for that offence will be automatically fined without question of an appeal. I have felt for a long time that answering back and question-- ning referees' decisions is one of the most unsavoury aspects of the modern game' ... The Millwall ground and the New Cross district are prepared for tonight's game v Manchester U. All police leave in the area is cancelled, the pubs are closed, and most of the shops boarded-up—a sad picture of football in 1974!... Referee Clive Thomas takes out a summons alleging common assault against a man who ran on the pitch during the Southampton v Portsmouth game and pushed him... George Connelly, Celtic's international player, has threatened to give up the game because he is 'sick of it'... Aston Villa sign Leighton Phillips, Cardiff's Welsh international, for a 100,000 fee... Frank O'Farrell is the most celebrated sports personality in Iran. The national team, under his management, win the Asia Cup, beating Israel 1-0 in the final.

17 Fulham are told by an Independent Tribunal that they must release Jimmy Dunne, who wishes to emigrate to South Africa and play there ... Liverpool register the biggest victory in their 82-year history. They beat the Norwegian amateur side Stromgodset 11-0! Nine of the Liverpool players scored—Boersma and Phil Thompson twice each ... George Mulhall resigns as Halifax manager following the club's third defeat in a week.

18 A mediocre day in Europe for the British clubs—Leeds beat Zurich 4-1, but Celtic can only draw with Olympiakos. In the. UEFA Cup, Wolverhampton are beaten 4-1 at Oporto, and both Ipswich and Stoke draw at home against Dutch clubs ... In a League Cup replay, Second Division Aston Villa beat Everton 3-0 at Goodison !

19 The Football League demands substantial financial assistance from the Government, and is also severely critical of the media, in a wide-ranging appeal for support to eradicate soccer hooliganism. The League complains that while the clubs put in extra seating accommodation following the instructions of the Minister of Sport, they are not getting any help in paying the extra rates and for hiring the police. TV interviews and the general publicity given to hooligans are also most unhelpful.

20 The FA is willing to compensate Derby over Roy McFarland. The centre-back was injured at Wembley against N. Ireland, and is out of football until the New Year. Derby are talking about 400,000 compensation, but Ted Croker says that a much more modest figure is contemplated... Dr Neil Phillips resigns after 10 years as medical adviser to the England team.

21 Crowd behaviour improves—not one arrest on a full day of League football... over fifty thousand spectators see Liverpool beat Stoke 3-0... Ipswich still lead the First Division after beating Chelsea 2-0. 42 goals are scored in Division One as West Ham get six (v Leicester) and Leeds five (v Sheffield U.). Derby score all five goals in their 3-2 win over Burnley—Hector, Lee, Rioch, and two own goals... Arsenal put Charlie George and Jeff Blockley on the transfer list at their own request.

22 Don Revie meets his selected 81-strong England squad. He tells the players that ' they are responsible for the image of the game and that they should go into their local schools and coach the youngsters for nothing. He also hints that in future bonus payments will be graded according to results. Until now, the players have received 100 appearance money irrespective of the outcome or the importance of the match.

23 QPR suspend Stan Bowles for two weeks because the player is absent without leave from today's training session.

24 A stormy night of league football! John Ritchie, the veteran Stoke striker, breaks his leg in the match against Ipswich at Portman Road. Ipswich win 3-1 and, as Liverpool are beaten at home by Burnley, increase their lead to 3 points .. .Steve Leslie is ordered off at Bury, and Colchester claim that it was 'mistaken identity'.. . Eddie Bailey says that the compensation offered by Tottenham for his dismissal is 'pitiful, meagre, and disgraceful'... Sir Alf Ramsey also expresses dissatisfaction with the money given to him by the FA. 'It was a "tissue handshake" ' says the ex-England manager, who took a job with a building firm, but would like to come back into football.

25 John Kaye is the new Hull manager ... Manchester U. beat Bolton 3-0 and lead Division Two by five points-:-47,084 people see the match at Old Trafford... Orient ask ex-chairman Arthur Page to stay away from the club in future. Page has had a 'difference of opinion' with present chairman Brian Winston. His son, Max Page, is still a member of the Orient board... 'Jim Morrow, manager of the England schoolboy team, wants nothing to do with Don Revie's "coach the kids" call to professional players', writes the Daily Express. Morrow is not impressed at the idea of using a player who may have a bad disciplinary record.

26 Mickey Purser is no longer Millwall's chairman. The 64-year-old car dealer resigns after 20 years in office, and his place is taken by Herbert Bumidge.

27 Keith Weller is fined 100 with 60 costs for 'bringing the game into disrepute' ... Gordon Jago, QPR's manager, resigns and chairman Jim Gregory says that the Board will accept Jago's decision. This dramatic development follows on a poor start to the season by Rangers, and some unrest amongst their players. Venables was sold, Mancini listed, Bowles suspended. Until a new manager is appointed, Jago's assistant, Stan Anderson, will run the club.

28 Barry Butlin (Luton) joins Nottingham F. for a 120,000 fee... League leaders Ipswich lose at Newcastle, and the field is bunching again at the top of the table ... After a disastrous day for London clubs, four of the five bottom places are occupied by Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, and Q.P.R. West Ham are the only club in this depressed football area in form - they win 5-3 at Burnley. They have scored 20 goals in four matches!

30 Gordon Jago says that he quit Q.P.R. because he was demoted. He was made team-manager only, and wasn't allowed to do the job for which the board appointed him. Chairman Gregory denies these allegations... Colin Prophett joins Swindon from Norwich for a 20,000 fee.


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