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This page is based on the 'FourFourTwo' article 'The 100 Scandals That Rocked Football' that appears in the December 2001 edition, No.88.

Here's all the scandals relating to players / managers featured on Bob's 70-71 Pages.

  1. Tommy Docherty (1977) leaves his wife and four children for an affair with Mary Brown, the wife of Man U's physio, Laurie. Ultimately they were to marry, but not before he is sacked by Man U.

  2. David Pleat (1987) is cautioned for kerb-crawling three times forcing him to resign as manager of Spurs.

  3. Norman Hunter and Francis Lee (1975) punch and kick each other during Derby's 3-2 win over Leeds at the Baseball ground. They are sentoff, then start up all over again in the tunnel !

  4. George Graham (1995) February 21, Arsenal sack George after he is found guilty by the FA of passing a 'bung' to agent, Rune Hague to sign John Jensen and Pal Lyndersen. George is banned from football worldwide for 12 months.

  5. Bobby Moore (1970) After beating Columbia 4-0 in a World Cup warm up match, Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton are questioned by the police over the theft of an emerald bracelet from the Bogota gift shop. Initially it is dismissed as a set-up, but the shop assistant Clara Padilla steps forward as a new witness, and Bobby Moore is arrested and charged with the theft. The rest of the England squad fly on to Mexico, whilst Moore is held until Padilla changes her account. Official documents released in 2000, show even the Prime Minister, Harold Wilson was involved in the diplomatic talks with Columbia !

  6. (I love this one...) Stan Bowles (1977), before playing for England versus the Netherlands at Wembly, is offered and accepts 200 pounds to wear Gola boots during the match. Later the same day, he is offered 300 pounds to wear Adidas boots. Stan accepts this also and turns out for the match wearing one boot from each company !

  7. The Dutch World Cup squad (1974) on the eve of the final with Germany have four men named in the German tabloid 'Bild Zeitung' as having a party with naked women in the hotel swimming pool before the Brazil match. Initially denied as German sportsmanship, it was later suggested it happened, but that the 'Bild' had paid the girls to do it. Nevertheless, Johan Cruyff's wife Danny is so worried she kept him on the phone all night before the Final match !

  8. Inter-Milan (1971-72) in the European Cup were 2-1 down in the second round away tie versus Borussia Mönchengladbach, when a member of the crowd threw an object which hit Roberto Boninsegna. He falls to the ground and is treated by the physio. The only thing was all that was thrown was an empty Coke can, which was swiftly swapped for a full one, which was given to the referee. Boninsegna, Inter go on to lose 7-1. The club's president, Ivanoe Fraizzoli pleads for and wins a rematch of the tie in Berlin. This game is drawn 0-0 and Inter milan went through.

  9. Willie Johnston (1978) along with Kenny Dalglish is tested for drugs after the 3-1 Peru defeat in the World Cup in Argentina. Willie had traces of Fencamfamin, which was substance banned by FIFA. Willie said he had been taking hayfever treatment, no-one beilieved him, and he was banned from Internationals for a year. The Scottish FA had sent him home resolving never to select him again.

  10. Trevor Brooking (1991) and West Ham United Managing Director Peter Storrie launch a bond scheme to raise 15 million pounds for the Hammers to make the stadium all seater- as required by law. 15,000 bonds selling at 500 pounds, 750 pounds and 975 pounds were put up for sale. These guaranteed the purchaser priority for a season ticket for 50 years. The supporters arranged protests ending in a goalmouth sit-in at the 1992 Arsenal home match. Only 300 bonds were sold and the scheme was withdrawn.

  11. Alfredo Di Stefano (1963) whilst a player at Real Madrid, was kidnapped by the Venezuelan Liberation Front, whilst on tour in their country. He is held for two days, but treated well, and released after having succeeded in getting publicity for their cause.

  12. Peter Shilton (1986) in the quarter-final of the World Cup for England versus Argentina lets in a goal to Maradona, who had hit the ball in the net with his hand. The goal stood, Argentina win the game, and Maradona famously describes it as, 'the hand of God'. The git.

  13. I can barely bring myself to relate this one... This is how '442' describes it ...

    "April 17, 1971 - (yes the 70-71 season itself !). With 4 games remaining Don Revie's Leeds United head Division One by two points. But in a home game against West Bromwich Albion a careless Norman Hunter gifts the ball to Tony Brown who starts for the goal on Leeds left flank. In the centre Colin Suggett is clearly 10 yards offside. The linesman raises his flag and Brown pauses. Referee Ray Tinkler lifts his whistle to his lips but then thinks again. Is Suggett interferring with play ? He decides not, waves play on and Brown continues his run. Most of the Leeds team have stopped, and Brown squares the ball to Jeff Astle to score.

    Leeds lose the game 2-1 and the championship by 1 point. " (Boo hoo.)

  14. Billy Bremner (1976) along with Willie Young, Joe Harper, Pat McCluskey and Arthur Graham, all break the 1 am curfew after some heavy drinking. The celebrations followed a 1-0 away win to Denmark 1-0 in a World Cup qualifier. The next day the players argue with the SFA officials and allegedly Billy (bless him) defracated on the hotel bed of one official, John MacDonald, who promptly punched the Scottish captain on the jaw. All five players were given a ban, and Billy never played for Scotland again.

  15. David Icke (1991) a presenter on the BBC sports programme, 'Grandstand' appears on talk show 'Wogan' (hosted by Terry Wogan) dressed in a turquoise shellsuit and declares himself to be the son of God. And he believes it, too.

  16. Frank Lampard (junior) (2000), Kieron Dyer and Rio Ferdinand film themselves on a sex orgy with a group of females on holiday at Ayia Napa in Cyprus. It was not the preparation England manager Kevin Keegan had planned for his young stars prior to Euro 2000.

  17. Peter Storey (1979-91) is convicted variously of: running a brothal in Leyton High Street called 'The Calypso Massage Parlour'; plotting to counterfiet gold coins; stealing cars; importing pornographic videos in the spare wheel of his car; and swearing at a traffic warden !

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Bob Dunning
8 November 2001

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