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To Walk On Eggshells - Suzy Johnston
To Walk On Eggshells - Jean Johnston
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Subject A-Z

Alcohol see Drug and Alcohol Addiction


Adult Acute Inpatient Care



'R.D.Laing' by R.W. Firestone
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A few interesting and well put together survivor and campaign sites include the following...


Art and Mental Health


Assertive Outreach

Assertive Outreach generally refers to teams which offer longer term ongoing treatment and support in the community to people vulnerable to frequent, or long term psychiatric admissions. See Community Treatment.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Benefits and Mental Health


Bipolar Disorders

This may be better known to you and Jimi Hendrix as Manic-Depression. The following are all excellent sites:

Borderline Personality Disorder

Discover the true meaning of this overused / mis-used medical diagnosis at these sites which have great links and offer support to those with the diagnosis and their family.



Chat Rooms

For mental health chat rooms try:

Children and Adolescents

Clinical Governance

Many of these links were originally taken from the Wakefield Intranet, which has an excellent Clinical Governance page ... Hands up anyone who can explain the concept to the rest of the World ... !

The NHS Clinical Governance Support Team site is at
And the NHS Modernisation Agency has Clinical Governance
The Department of Health has Clinical governance
The offers the Clinical Governance Bulletin
Leicester University has
The British Journal of Clinical Governance can be found at
The Wisdom Centre is at

Clinical Supervision

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Community Psychiatric Nursing

Community Treatment

Click to see Assertive Outreach, Crisis Teams.

These are difficult headings to define:

Assertive Outreach generally refers to teams which offer longer term ongoing treatment and support in the community to people vulnerable to frequent, or long term psychiatric hospital admissions;

Crisis Teams tend to be helpline or drop-in services for very short term mental health 'crises';

Home Treatment Teams tend to offer an altenative to psychiatric hospital admission and would limited to people requiring acute care for a short period of time (eg 1 week to two months);

Finally; Community and Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) in the UK offer ongoing mental health support and treatment to people not in need of acute care or one of the above teams.

However, some teams offer a variety of these roles and some areas do not have all the above teams available - which mean the CMHTs have fill in all the gaps!


Crisis Teams

Crisis Teams tend to be helpline or drop in services for very short term mental health 'crises'. See Community Treatment.

Cultural Issues



Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Some excellent support sites include ...

Eating Disorders

Early Intervention Psychosis


Employment and Mental Health*Newly added

I've been asked several times to include medical and nursing recruitment pages, but I won't. So there. More important is the issue of empolyment for those with mental health problems. Here's some links to organisations that specialise in this.

Forensic Nursing


Gender Identity Confusion - see transgenderism



For any general Government information, start at : Directgov home

All national government press releases from 1998 are available at GNN News Releases

Selected Government documents from 1994 can be found at Official Documents - Home

Now you can watch our honourable and noble representatives, too, at* Newly added

Government A-Z relevant to health :

Audit commission

Produce some important reports see Audit Commission

Commission for Social Care Inspection

See Commission for Social Care Inspection which informs us the CSCI was...

'Launched in April 2004, The Commission for Social Care Inspection is the single, independent inspectorate for social care in England. The Commission was created by the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003. CSCI incorporates the work formerly done by:

Department of Health

Her Majesty's Stationary Office

The full text of every Public Act since 1988 and Local Act since 1991 is available online now at Her Majesty's Stationery Office - Home Page go there and select 'legislation'.

Go straight to Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1997

Home Office

There is also a good deal of relevant government documents at Home Office Internet Service

National Health Service (N.H.S)


See Policy And Guidance

Go directly here for :

Stategy Unit

For the Prime Minister's mental health strategy Unit see Strategy Unit Seminars Mental Health !!!!ADD!!!!*Newly added

See also ...

U.S. Government

History of Mental Health

Fascinating accounts of the history of mental health 'care' can be found at:

But most fascinating of all is Gordon Tozer's site


Human Rights

The following have link pages to Human Right and Mental Health Patient's Rights generally:

Also see...

Mental Health Global Policies and Human Rights

Mental Health Global Policies and Human Rights

Edited by Peter Morrall, School of Health Care Studies, University of Leeds and
Mike Hazelton, University of Newcastle and Hunter Mental Health Service, Australia

Mental health has become a global issue. Throughout both the developed and developing worlds, the treatment and care of the mentally disordered, and the need to improve the mental health status of all citizens, has become a major political and professional concern.
This is occuring at the same time as human rights are increasingly highlighted by government and non-government agencies, at national and supra-national levels.
This book reviews mental health policies across the world and their relationship to the human rights of mentally disordered people.  Ten case-studies are presented, each written by an expert in the field of mental health policy within a selected country.
What is recorded is a tangle of approaches, some coherent, consistent, and caring, whilst others are ambiguous, anachronistic, and abusive.  What is concluded is the need for vigilance and activism on a global scale to protect the human rights of this particularly vulnerable group.

2004   ISBN: 1 86156 388 4   Price: £25.00  Paperback   233mm x 154mm   pp200



Intensive Care Units (Psychiatric)

Links suggested by Len Bowers at Psychiatric Nursing E-mail List.

Journals (see also Magazines On-Line)

Learning Difficulties

Manic depression see bipolar disorders

Magazines - On Line (see also Journals)


The Mental Health Act

Mental Health - Charitable Bodies

Mental Health Consultancy

Mental Health News

Sometimes it's handy just to keep up with the news and what's going on in the world relating to mental health.
To do this try the following links, and once there explore the pages further for a mine of mental health related links...

Julia Jones (former colleague !) and Raj Persaud

(Picture from BBC - Radio 4 - All In the Mind 16-10-2002)

Mental Health Support-UK


Nursing Bodies - UK

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Patient Support

Here's some interesting patient empowerment and campaign links, which aren't necessarily limited to mental-health issues.

Personality Disorder - see Borderline Personality Disorder


Psychiatric Nursing


Psychosocial Interventions* Newly Added

Recovery *Newly added

The Naked Bird Watcher  - Suzy Johnston
The Naked Bird Watcher - Suzy Johnston

To Walk On Eggshells
To Walk On Eggshells- Jean Johnston
* Newly added

Suzy Johnston writes, advises, promotes and publishes on mental health awareness issues.

Jean's autobiography ‘The Naked Bird Watcher’ is an unusual story of living with manic depression/bipolar affective disorder and learning to manage the condition. This lucid and graphic account gives a revealing and logical insight into the torment that is mental distress.

'To Walk on Eggshells' (by Jean's mother) is a priceless account of the agony, shock, love and stamina of a mother faced with a child who has been dealt the unkind hand of severe mental illness.

Enquiries –

Risk Assessment


Search Engines

Mental Health Search

or Mental Health Metasearch - Online Dictionary of Mental Health

Alternatively, you could go directly to the following ...

If you're not sure on how to search the web try


Self Harm

This site handles excellently issues for those needing support whether that is as a person who self injures, a person who is a carer of a person whom self injures, or a person from the caring professions/organisations. It also gives access to the two related Webrings 'Bodies under siege' and 'Let the truth ring out', which are well worth visiting.

An excellent UK contact is the Bristol Cisis Service for Women at BCSW

Self Help





Traumatic Stress

Violence in Psychiatry

World AIDS Day

Virtual ribbon

Don't forget World AIDS Day - 1st December Find out more at : UNAIDS The Joint UN Programme on HIV-AIDS*Updated


World Health Organisation


Professor Phil Barker writes:

May I ... introduce you to "The Scary Reality of Madness".  

This film, made by my old friend, Tony Glover - the Sony Award-Winning film maker - has just been released.
  We made the film with the support of a Millennium Award and the great support of our old friend and colleague, Dr Irene Whitehill - one of the UK's foremost user-advocates.  


The Scary Reality of Madness
"The Scary Reality of Madness"

In the film we challenge some of the 'received wisdom' about 'mental illness' and suggest - with all due respect - that madness (our preferred term) might simply be an important dimension of the human condition, without which we might well be greatly impoverished. We are sure that there will be many who will disagree strongly with us.

You may find the clip at:


Phil Barker

For more information or to order the film see: We are more fearful of madness today than at anytime in our history


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