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Low-Down on I.T.V.'s Experts

British Television was taken by storm during the World Cup in June when ITV brought together the most dynamic TV sports team that has ever been screened - MALCOLM ALLISON (Manchester City coach), PAT CRERAND (Manchester United), DEREK DOUGAN (Wolverhampton Wanderers) and BOB MCNAB (Arsenal), BRIAN MOORE and JIMMY HILL.

Now, especially for the Watney Cup, the sextet will be together again when ITV exclusively screen highlights of the matches. Once again the bluntness of 'Big Mal' ; the eloquence of 'The Doog' ; the passion of 'Paddy' Crerand and the astuteness of Bob McNab will be seen and heard throughout the country.

During their three-week session with ITV's World Cup team, these four top soccer names became TV's wonder-team. The fan mail poured into the studios for all four men. Some asked soccer questions, some complained but the vast majority were pure fan-letters, asking anything from fashion queries to marital status.

Two young lasses from Gloucester wrote to the production team saying: 'Will you send us Bob McNab when you've finished with him'. Then they wrote the word 'please' 1,300 times. Another ardent female Bob McNab fan invited him to her home for the week-end and included the return rail fare !

The National newspapers were equally ecstatic and Michael Parkinson in the Sunday Times thought that 'Crerand, Dougan and Allis is the most entertaining trio since Wilson, Keppel and Betty or Curly, Larry and Mo, depending which pleases you most'. So the team meet up again and viewers are set for more TV soccer analysis with the emphasis on entertainment.

The calls and letters will again flood into the studios and the non-soccer fan will again be shown that men involved with British football are as articulate and intelligent as anybody. The World Cup started the message and the Watney Cup is certain to carry it on.

ITV's Experts at Mexico 1970

From left to right Bob McNab, Pat Crerand, Jimmy Hill, Derek Dougan, Brian Moore and Malcolm Allison.

This feature appeared in The Watney Cup Hull City v Manchester United Semi-Final programme, from Wednesday, 5 August, 1970, on page 13.

This page has been compiled following suggestions by Peter McConnell, thanks for that Peter.

Bob Dunning
25 July 2001

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