AP24 (26K)
Ish events
Coverdate April 1993
Price £3.50
Size 116 pages, Super A4
Editorial pages 84.5 (ie, 72.84% of total)
Ad pages 31.5 (inc 8.25 house ads)
Reviews 13 (928% total, 71.38% average)
Circulation 60,184 (ABC period Jan-Jun 1992)
Editorial staff 7 (inc 2 art)
Editorial contributors 6

EDITOR Linda Barker DEPUTY EDITOR Stuart Campbell PRODUCTION EDITOR Dave Green STAFF WRITERS Mark Winstanley, Tim Tucker ART EDITOR Jacquie Spanton ART ASSISTANT Lisa Kellett CONTRIBUTORS Mark Ramshaw, Tim Norris, Jonathan Davies, Dave Golder, Gary Penn, Rich Longhurst

Coverdisk FA Premier League Football (demo); Dong (demo); Extreme Violence (PD)

Features Absolute Power (every game ever, except the ones they missed which appear later in a supplement, MW & TT, plus MR, GP); Double the Fun? (look at the new A1200); Nick Faldo's Championship Golf In The Style Of... Total Recall (Gary Tonge)

Reviews Lemmings 2 (92%, SC); Body Blows (89%, TT); Walker (85%, MW); A-Train (82%, RL); Creatures (20%, SC); Chuck Rock 2 (83%, MW); Zool A1200 (78%, TT); Sleepwalker A1200 (84%, TT) (8 games, 613% total, 76.63% average)

Budgets Hero Quest (86%, TT); Videokid (74%, MW); Terminator 2 (30%, JD); RBI2 Baseball (61%, TN); Action Sports (64%, JD) (5 games, 315% total, 63% average)

PD Crave (3/5); Oxyd (4.5/5); Elevation (2/5); Furmyre (3/5) (all DG)

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